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Date: 18/12/2018

1. Introduction and Background of the Project :

Action to Improve Public Schemes Access and Delivery (AIPAD) is a project initiated in 2014 by The Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation (NJKF), in Bhagalpur, Bihar, covering 5 blocks namely Kahalgaon, Pirpainti, Sanhoulla, Shahkund and Jagdishpur. The project aims to improve access to public schemes and services and enhance the wellbeing of citizens in Bhagalpur by using a participatory community based advocacy, monitoring and accountability model. The project focusses on increasing awareness of public schemes and services, with special focus on women, children and disadvantaged groups. Through community and household level interventions and by working in collaboration with the government, the project has specifically made people aware of their rights and entitlements and supported the efforts of the people to secure their rights.

2. Objectives of the Project

The purpose of this project is to improve and enhance the standard of living of the people of Bhagalpur District by using a participatory community based advocacy, monitoring & accountability model in three major themes : Health and Sanitation, Education and Social Security and the project is aimed towards the following specific objectives –

  • Quantitative increase in uptake by eligible persons of public schemes in health/sanitation, social security and education
  • Qualitative improvement in institutional design in delivery of public schemes & effective large scale information dissemination and awareness generation mechanisms
  • Identification and federation of multi-stakeholder groups specialized in local area sectoral planning
  • Institutionalization of social auditing in the district
  • Institutionalization of stakeholder participation and ownership

The results that the project aims to achieve are:

Result Area 1: Improved access to and increased uptake of public schemes
Result Area 2: Increased accountability towards beneficiaries of schemes
Result Area 3: Use of technology to collect, track and disseminate information
Result Area 4: Identification of best practices for replication

3. Purpose

In the last five years, AIPAD has made deep inroads in the fields of education, health, sanitation and social security for sustainable transformation in the target area of the project. Therefore, the purpose of the impact assessment study will be to outline the effectiveness of the project towards holistic development of women, children and other disadvantaged groups in the project area.


4. Scope of the Study

The study will be carried out in the target area of AIPAD project covering the project interventions since the beginning of the project. The specific objectives of the study will be as follows:


  • Highlight the baseline/community situation as assessed in 2014
  • Formulate a research design and subsequent research tools needed for the study
  • Organize orientation and training for the team
  • Supervision and guidance throughout the study period
  • Outline each of AIPADs interventions
  • Collate quantitative data on the number of people who have directly benefited from each of the intervention
  • Gather qualitative information on the community benefits from AIPAD interventions
  • Record impact of AIPAD interventions as evidenced through community change
  • Record impact of community mobilization techniques, stakeholder’s analysis, capacity building efforts and other such activities.
  • Significant learning’s from the project
  • Case studies
  • Any other specific impacts realized through the project during field visit
  • Project visibility and its impact

5. Specific Deliverables

  •  Draft report of the study to be submitted in consultation with NJKF
  • Final report of the study to be submitted.
  • All field data back up to be submitted along with analytical tables

6. Duration of the Study

The study needs to be initiated and completed between 1st January and 29th February 2019.

7. Payment Conditions

The payment of fees will be made on job completed basis of the agreed sum, subject to achievement of progress milestone to be mutually agreed. Agency may submit their proposal on terms and conditions for payment.


8. Contact Details and Deadline

For submission of proposals and any further queries, all correspondence may be directed to Ms Anuja Tripathi, email:  The proposals along with financial bit need to reach us by 26th December 2018.



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Dr. Nitya Mohan Khemka visited the Action to Improve Public Scheme Access and Delivery Project (AIPAD) implementation area in Bhagalpur, Bihar on 8 & 9th April’18 and interacted with community members, PRI members and government officials.


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Don Mohanlal at the Khemka Forum on Social Entrepreneurship
AACSB International (AACSB), the premier global accrediting body and membership association for the world's leading business schools, announced that Don Mohanlal, Vice Chairman of The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation, has been recognised as one of the first 100 AACSB Influential Leaders globally. AACSB's accredited business schools count in its fold, Harvard Business School, Indian School of Business, London Business School, Wharton, Stanford, INSEAD, Columbia, IESE (Spain), MIT Sloan, Kellogg, CEIBS (China), IMD (Switzerland), among others – all told 736 business schools in 48 countries. The Influential Leaders were selected from the notable alumni nominated by the accredited business schools. The announcement noted that Mohan's work "exemplifies the innovative mind-set and meaningful contributions to society, and demonstrates true excellence in leadership, vision, and impact".

Mohan served as the President & CEO of The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation for 7 years and under his leadership designed and delivered path breaking initiatives benefitting the entire non-profit ecosystem in India.

We congratulate Mohan on this most deserved recognition!


For more information and the full list of recipients, visit



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Wednesday, 09 September 2015 15:26

Social Enterprise Directory

The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation is proud to launch a Directory of Social Enterprises (India), click here for the Directory


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Friday, 17 July 2015 15:16

CLEAN Workshop

Invitation to the Clean Energy Access Network Workshop from August 26-28, 2015 in Delhi.  Kindly Click here for the Invitation.  Also visit the CLEAN Network website for more details.


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In our attempt to make a difference in the lives of others, The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF), would like to reach out to the people of Nepal, Bihar & West Bengal in India to provide relief to the affected people. Sindhupalchowk is remote and has not had access to adequate aid...we will try our very best to get maximum aid to this area…


tGELF is happy to facilitate the collection of your generous contribution as per the following. Speed is of essence at the moment.


The donated items should be separately packed in clearly labelled cartons. Items 1 , 2 & 3 are of immediate need.


1. Tents and Tarpaulins

2. Blankets

3. Masks, Gloves

4. First Aid Kits

5. Chappals

6. Bed Sheets

7. Plastic Sheets

8. Water purification tablets

9. Ropes

10.Food – Biscuits, Chidwa,, Rusks, Noodles, easy to eat dry items

11. ORS solutions to prevent dehydration

12. Milk powder / Cerelac

13. Toothpaste

14. Soap

15. Medicines, such as, Crocin, Immodium, Norflox TZ, Perinorm, Dettol, Savlon, Gauze, Syringes, Sterilized Cotton Rolls


Collection points for contribution in KIND only:




1. The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation
11, Community Centre
1st Floor, Saket, New Delhi 110017


2. Nepal Relief
56, Anand Lok, 2nd Floor,
New Delhi 110049
Contact Person:
Ms Jyotsana Shinde +91-9971821887


You can also visit the tGELF website, kindly click here.


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Tuesday, 02 December 2014 12:51

Launch of Project Khemka Rameshwar Lal (AIPAD)

 Main Launch Photo

Project Khemka Rameshwar Lal (AIPAD) was formally launched in Bhagalpur on the 17th of November, 2014. The launch ceremony was attended by several district and block level officials, PRI and community members of the 5 selected blocks. The District Magistrate of Bhagalpur Dr. Birendra Prasad Yadav, who was the Chief Guest, inaugurated the Launch ceremony and pledged full support to AIPAD. During the first half of the event, discussions and deliberations were conducted to highlight the need for strengthening civil society in Bhagalpur, because a vibrant civil society can act as a strong support system to the district administration in fostering development in the region. Dr. Yadav also inaugurated the first issue of the AIPAD Newsletter titled ‘Jan Samvad – Developing Perspectives’, which highlighted AIPAD’s work during the last 8 months. He also inaugurated the ‘Baseline Survey Report’ conducted in the 5 blocks and a ‘Shiksha Calendar’ which has been created by us to increase awareness about Government’s education schemes.

Mrs. Shubhra Singh (The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation) and Mr. Arbind Singh (Nidan) spoke about the impressive work which has already been done by AIPAD in the last 8 months. Several of the beneficiaries who benefitted from AIPAD were also present on the occasion.

The second half of the event was focussed on building a strong network with the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) at the village and block level, because PRIs being the fourth tier of governance are a crucial link for the successful implementation of AIPAD. The BDOs and Mukhiyas of the blocks were present on the occasion, who spoke about their experiences, and extended their support to work in collaboration with AIPAD.

The Launch Ceremony was concluded by flagging off the ‘Jan Samvad Rath’, which will traverse all the 5 blocks to create awareness amongst the community about AIPAD and Government Schemes, so that more and more people can benefit from it. 


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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 11:04

Listen to a podcast with Anand Shah

 Podcast interview with Anand Shah


Serial Entrepreneur Anand Shah in this interview takes us through the many projects and organizations he has funded, or helped in funding. He speaks candidly of the gaps in the ecosystem, and the needs for young budding entrepreneurs. He also shares with us his latest goal of starting an institute that trains people to go into politics. Lastly, offering word of immense wisdom and experience, Anand urges individuals everywhere to be brave and take action.


Click here to listen to the podcast






Co-create for Sustainability
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Anand Shah, CEO, Piramal Foundation 

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“If you’re an entrepreneur, and you have a good idea, and you believe it’s possible you need to stick with that idea. There is no substitute for action whatsoever, when you act the money will follow.”

anand shah


In 2008, Anand and a team of 4 Social Entrepreneurs launched Sarvajal to provide clean drinking water to rural Indian villages. Anand also serves as CEO of the Piramal Foundation, an innovative private foundation dedicated to developing the social infrastructure to enable India’s youth to actively participate in the nation’s progress. Anand is also a consultant on academic strategy for the upcoming Vedanta University. He has been a Core member of an effort to start “Teach for India”, is a member of the tt30 (a young think tank of the Club of Rome), and serves on the international board of KaosPilots (a European school of creative business design and social innovation).


After graduating from Harvard in 1999, Anand served as the Technology Director and teacher at the MATCH Charter school in Boston. In 2001, with his two sisters and many friends, Anand helped found Indicorps, where he currently manages overall programs and strategy. 



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Vishnu Swaminathan, Country Representative, Ashoka Innovators for the Public 

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vishnu lowres

“I think in 5 years if we are able to make ourselves invisible, and irrelevant in the kind of work we are doing, that is the goal.”


Vishnu is presently the Country Representative for Ashoka Innovators for the Public in India.  Ashoka is a global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs—men and women with system-changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Vishnu leads Ashoka India's efforts to create an "Everyone a Change maker" world—one where each person has the skills, drive, and resources to push forward solutions to pressing social and environmental problems, and each organization works to maximize the change making potential of its members. Vishnu also heads the Housing for All program at Ashoka in India, which is working on increasing the supply of affordable housing for low income communities in India on market based models.


Before Ashoka, Vishnu co-founded and led two companies working on financial transactions and Animation technology in Singapore for 8 years. After one of the companies was acquired he moved to India to head a leadership school for three years, where he led the school's social effort by creating an independent Centre for Social Development and Governance.


He started his career as a 3D and Film Special effects artist. He holds a couple of patents from his ventures and has worked on a wide range of hybrid business models, technologies, innovations, communities and geographies. He lives with his family in Bangalore, India and enjoys photography.


Co-create for Sustainability
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