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Strategic Themes

The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation seeks to develop multi-stakeholder, strategic and long-term interventions and initiatives in the following seven key areas:

Leadership and Ethics: helping develop the full potential for ethical leadership among young Indians.

Media and Awareness: leveraging the reach and scale of India's media sector to create awareness and translate such awareness into action.

Civic Engagement: creating institutions to help bridge the resources and engagement of civil society actors across all domains.

Social Entrepreneurship: fostering and supporting social entrepreneurship.

Development and Philanthropy Infrastructure: developing or sponsoring key innovations and institutions to promote development and philanthropy.

Multi-stakeholder Cooperation: exploring and developing models that can be scaled and disseminated in collaboration with business, the non-profit sector and government.

International Partnerships: creating a hub of international partnerships to mobilize expertise, best practices and capital for development.

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