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Nasscom’s session on the roles and challenges of social innovation in india |

For many years in India, innovation has been a part of the culture, in many ways. In recent times, many enterprises and entrepreneurs have attempted to provide a more organized structure to this thought process. Social innovation – a new and unique way of combining existing and new resources to create solutions to address social issues, is the new way to bring about inclusive growth. Social innovation is growing, with many start-ups that are looking at serving BoP customers. However, the road to entrepreneurship still remains fraught with problems - of financing, taking a product to market and competing with traditional enterprise.

With a focus on innovation, this session will discuss  the kind of enabling environment required for innovations to play a larger role in business, especially those aimed at non-traditional markets; how existing business are looking at new operating models to service new markets and impact education, health, financial or other services for low income communities. 

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