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Weaving a Telling Tale

SocialStory’s session on storytelling for impact |

Man has been using the powerful tool of telling stories since he lived in a cave. It might have started orally, and now moved to leveraging all kinds of technologies, but strip any story down and the basic blocks that create the magic remains the same. Every social enterprise has a story worth telling. Not all are able to communicate this effectively. What's needed is a basic handbook and understanding of the techniques employed by master storytellers.

This session will help you understand the following - Why use stories? What happens to our brains when we hear a story? What makes a great story? It will elaborate on the elements of a story that create an impact, and also weave different stories for different folks - grant story, attracting talent story, reaching to investor story, communicating to consumer’s story, volunteer story and so on. Finally, it will showcase how to create an infinite engagement with which the story never stops.


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