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REWG session on Ecosystem Creation for Decentralized Renewable Energy |

India is the 5th largest generator of power in the world, and yet, over 33% of the population does not have access to electricity; renewable energy solutions have the potential to alleviate the immense pressure on the country’s energy resources, especially in off-grid areas. When these RE solutions are linked with other development issues such as livelihoods, education, and housing, there is great scope for wide-scale improvements in the quality of rural life.

However, to grow RE businesses and provide these linkages, a healthy and vibrant ecosystem is required – one that supports scaling up of these enterprises, provides access to knowledge and information, and helps obtain end user financing as well as skilled human resources.

This session aims to understand what it takes to build a supportive ecosystem, and explore collaboration between RE and other developmental areas.

Click here to view the draft research paper - Energizing Livelihoods


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