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Vidhi, Samaj and Bazaar

Impact Law Ventures' Session on Corporate social responsibility in India |

What are some of the best practices in relation to evolving corporate social responsibility frameworks and building effective bridges between samaj and bazaar? What are the vidhi related essentials of Section 135 read together with Schedule VII of the Indian Companies Act, 2013? What are some of the lessons learnt in relation to CSR policy formulation, spending calculation, and role of governance mechanisms of companies and non-profits? What are some salient issues in relation to developing strategic CSR strategies, implementation, marketing campaigns and impact measurement? While any financing is a function of “ability to give” and “ability to receive”, how do organizations institutionalize processes and frameworks to responsibly - give and receive - in order to foster inclusive growth and reduce poverty?

This session will investigate answers to these questions and many more, in an attempt to understand the "4th C of social entrepreneurship"

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