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ICTPH's Session on Designing an Integrated Healthcare Systems in Rural India |

India’s healthcare is crippled; 70% of its population resides in rural areas, while 70% of its medical infrastructure is available only in urban centers. India needs 1.2 million doctors, but has only 400,000 qualified physicians. As a result, 600,000 villages have almost no basic healthcare available. At the time of independence, the Government set healthcare priorities that focused on infant care, maternal care, and communicable diseases, because indicators such as MMR, IMR were outrageously high. Yet, today India is the diabetes, cervical cancer and oral cancer capital of the world. Indian healthcare lacks good infrastructure, competent providers and proactive strategies to deal with rising chronic diseases.

This session will bring together various stakeholders and emphasis will be to define “healthcare links” enabled through technology, skilled workforce, financial incentives, and management principles to drive ‘outcome driven’ behavior within the payer and provider community.

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